Top 18 Best Hidden places of Indore near hill station

Indore is a traditional Indian city but also has a modern vibe. It has a strong history and culture, but all these have been preserved along with the rise of high-end cafeterias and retail canters, it has all the necessary things which are enough to maintain the charming need of its tourist and to make it a perfect tourist destination.

During you visit to Indore, you can experience various water parks that offers you to spend a fun-filled day in the thrilling slides and also refreshing pools. Hill stations and places of Indore near hill station provides you the ideal holiday where you can enjoy a relaxed weekend and rejuvenate yourself.

So here on this article places of Indore near hill station we will give you the information about Top 18 Best Hill station near Indore to visit and also places of Indore near hill station. So, lets dive to explore the true natural beauty of Indore.

1. Chikhaldara (places of Indore near hill station)

places of Indore near hill station

Chikhaldara is the ideal choice for any nature lover. It is believed that in Bheema did an intense fight with Keechaka and defeated him at this beautiful hill station in Maharashtra and then placed him into the valley.

Chikhaldara is Situated at a peak of 1118 meters. Just after arriving here on this hill station, you can experienec the delicious smell of coffee. Here o this village can get get some very beautiful sites including

beautiful lakes, wide variety of flora and animals, Great views, and all these are just a few of the attractions that offers you the true beauty of nature. Other different places you can explore including Sunset Point, Prospects Point, Mozari Point, Devi Point, Hariken Point offers scenical view.

2. Pachmarhi (places of Indore near hill station)

places of Indore near hill station

This hill station near Indore Madhya Pradesh is popular amongst tourist as as the Queen of. It is located Satpura in a Satpura Range valley. Because of its stunning scenery and great location it is very popular and consider to be a very idea tourist destination.

Popular Madhya Pradesh resort is located at an elevation of 1067 meters from sea level, offers a wide variety of attractions, including crystal-clear streams, thick woods, sparkling waterfalls, ancient caves, deep ravines, and high length plants.

The forests is a home to numerous cave paintings but the interesting part is some of which date back around 10,000 years. Pachmarhi is a peaceful holiday spot, that offers you get a relaxing break from your day-to-day life.

3. Saputara (places of Indore near hill station)

places of Indore near hill station

Saputara is covered by the green folds of the magical Western Ghats and considered to be one of the many treasures of the natural beauty. It is one of the loveliest tourist destinations of Gujarat here you can experience the true meaning of staying any hill station. It amongst one of the hill stations close to Indore which have avoided becoming too developed.

On your trip to this place, you will pass through waterfalls which fall well down the side of the mountains against a green background and also experiencing the beautiful thick forests on this journey is just amazing. You can reach here to enjoy few beautiful locations with wonderful views of the surroundings that offers eye catchy scenical view.


4. Matheran (places of Indore near hill station)

places of Indore near hill station

Matheran is one of India’s tiniest hill stations and is located in the Western Ghats. Distance is vital when when to come any a hilly destination. Matheran is located about 800 meters above from the sea level, here on this location you can get all the amenities that anyone could wish for an amazing weekend escape.

The main attraction and most importantly for which tourist travel this place to experience is the Panorama Point, where one could get a full 360-degree view of the surrounding area and the town of Neral.

From this point you can experience the very beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Amazing sight of Prabal Fort is going to give you a charisma if you move to Louisa Point.


5. Mandu (places of Indore near hill station)

places of Indore near hill station

Also known as Mandavgad that offers you the amazing mesmerizing architectural glory that enough to make this place one of the most exciting tourist destinations for a weekend. Mandu may be the only fortress town and places of Indore near hill station.

The fort defines the identity of this region for generations. The fort is stands on a rocky outcrop. You can explore this location with its charming natural beauty. Mandu offers its history in the most fascinating way.

The twin lakes also represent its rich past, with its magnificent structures it also offers the live symbols of beauty.


6. Toranmal (places of Indore near hill station)

places of Indore near hill station

Toranmal is honestly a hidden gem of a hill station near Indore. After reaching this destination you can get a lot of natural beauty, a large variety of flowers and a very true peaceful atmosphere. This place is also very popular amongst visitors and also comes under popular places of Indore near hill station.


7. Khandala (places of Indore near hill station)

places of Indore near hill station

If you have the habit of humming well-known Bollywood song then the name of this place could be very known to you. You can understand how significant it could be to visit Khandala. This place is an ideal destination for a honeymoon and also for a larger number of tourists. Khandala is situated in the lower regions of the Sahyadri ranges and approximately 520 kilometres away from Indore.

This place offers you beautiful valleys with huge view of lakes and rushing waterfalls. Apart from that, there is a variety of flora and animals all round this small village. The destination is very popular amongst Indian tourist and as well as  for foreign visitors for its attractive surroundings, especially during the monsoon season the waterfalls comes to life having surroundings lush green paradise.

To grab the advantage of the cool, refreshing climate you can explore few other places including Bhushi Dam, Duke’s Nose, and Tiger’s Leap.


8. Mount Abu (places of Indore near hill station)

places of Indore near hill station

If you want to experience hill station in any desert state then this could be the ideal and most fascinating destination for you. Mount Abu is the only hill station in the desert state of Rajasthan. It is a pleasing holiday destination that offers relief from busy surroundings. This hill station is well known for its beautiful surroundings, calm lakes, and cool atmosphere.

This place is in the Aravalli Range. Nakki Lake and Sunset Point are popular sites with amazing views. Animal reserves and Hiking paths provides a unique experience for adventure lovers, here you can get the opportinity to explore the difficult landscape.

Mount Abu attracts la larger number of tourists with its unique combination of spiritual significance, cultural history, and natural beauty. It is well-known tourist destination and a must visit place.


9. Lonavala (places of Indore near hill station)

places of Indore near hill station

Lonavala is a place where one could take a break to get away from the busy fast life. A perfect place for the nature lovers. This lovely place offers views of valleys covered in greenery, misty hills and the downtown skyline.

Lonavala is located 636 km from Indore and is well connected by both roads and rails. The location is full of beautiful waterfalls. Other attractions of this place includes the famous Rajmachi Point, Lonavala Lake, and Bhaja Caves where you can do amazing exploration.

The area is particularly well-known for its traditional sugar chikki which is very delicious  and nut sweet snack which is popular and loved by both locals and visitors.


10. Igatpuri (places of Indore near hill station)

places of Indore near hill station

Igatpuri serves as a haven for environment fans and foodies. It is small hill station and approximately 500 kilometres far from Indore. It is the perfect getaway for those who loves nature and have plan to spend a clam relaxing weekend.

This location is popular for its wonderful calm atmosphere, stunning views, and pleasant weather. Igatpuri is also a popular vacation spot to do outdoor activities because of it has a peaceful environment and stunning scenery.

With its floated hills, natural surroundings and flowing waterfalls the place offers incredible views and relaxing environment from the rush of the city.


11. Ratlam (places of Indore near hill station)

places of Indore near hill station

Ratlam  is beautiful hill station in Malwa area, Madhya Pradesh, This place offers a true relaxing break from the day to day busy life. This place is surrounded by rich greenery and lightly sloped hills, has beautiful scenery and a very pleasant environment.

Offering relaxing walks within the green surroundings for nature lovers and opportunities for hiking and birdwatching. Like Ratlam Fort and other interesting buildings this town is also significant historically that gives a highlight of its rich cultural.

During your stay at Ratlam you can experience delicious meals particularly its street food , that add special flavour to the experience of any  visitor. In short you can taste amazing dishes with peaceful hilly environment and all these things makes it a perfect destination places of Indore near hill station.

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Apart from just hill stations near Indore here we are giving you some information about some very popular place to visit near Indore

12. Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary (places of Indore near hill station)

places of Indore near hill station

Those who are true nature lovers and also comes under the group of adventure seekers Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary is a A delightful destination. Thisl Wildlife Sanctuary falls under one of the best places to visit in Indore.

From spotting birds of various species and wild animals and to trekking along the beautiful jungle tracks welcomes you to explore the true natural beauty here.

One of the main tourist attractions of this destination is the wildlife safari that takes you to the dense parts of the forest where you get the opportunity to closely view many wild animals. This sanctuary is also popular amongst photographers to capture some amazing pictures of the wild animals.

Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary is approxmitely 15 kms from Indore:

Location: Mirjapur

Timiing to vsit : 9:00 AM to 6:30 AM, all days of the week

Entry fee: Rs 60 per person.


13. Lotus Lake (places of Indore near hill station)

places of Indore near hill station

Whether you are a  nature lover who si seeking a suitable break from the busy city life or a person who is looking for a scenic location to capture postcard-worthy pictures, the Lotus Lake aka Gulawat Talab welcomes you and offers you the both.

In the valley of Gulawat pthis lake has uncountable lotuses and that’s why it gets the this beautiful name. After reaching there, you can have the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing boating experience in the placid waters of the lake. If you are lucky, here you can get the amazing chance to spot few exotic birds here.

This lake is located within 100 km from the city and all these makes this place an ideal spot for photo shoot sessions and short picnic.

Lotus Lake is approxmitely 21 kms from Indore

Location: Gurda Khedi


14. Tincha Falls (places of Indore near hill station)

places of Indore near hill station

In the  village of Tincha you can find this fall. this gorgeous Tincha falls drops down from the height of 300 feet with having verdant greenery surrounding giving it a remarkable view. Tincha Falls generates a mesmeric blend of emerald white and green during the rainy season when the stream of water is at its supreme.

Huddled away from the chaos of city life, it is considered to be one of the most astonishing picnic spots near Indore within 200 km. You can fully enjoy your day by exploring the charming trekking trails neighbouring this waterfall, which are a major attraction for trekkers from far and near.


15. Vedh Shala Observatory (places of Indore near hill station)

places of Indore near hill station

Vedh Shala in Ujjain is considered to be the India’s first scientific observatory and also Popularly known as Jantar Mantar. Dates back to the 1725 this one is one of the five observatories set up by Raja Jai Singh II. The place has 13 astronomical instruments which were once used to unravel the planetary bodies and mysteries of the universe. If you are one of them who get fascinated by astronomy, then this observatory should be in the first raw of your list of places to visit near Indore within 200 km. The important highlight Vedh Shala Observatory is that the stone sundial that you can use here and interesting part is even today to gives the accurate time.

Location to visit this place : Chintaman Road

Timing to visit : From 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, every day

Entry fee: RS 40 (Indians) Per Person, RS 200 (Foreign Nationals) Per Person


16. Maheshwar (places of Indore near hill station)

places of Indore near hill station

One of the most exciting things to do in Indore is to do a  trip to the temple town of Maheshwar. This charming place is known for its architectural beauty and  spiritual vibes. Maheshwar is Standing on the banks of River Narmada, this.

During 18th-century it was built by Maharani Ahilya Bai Holkar and so as it is also called Ahilya Ghat. To enjoy the brilliant views of the setting sun it is recommended to plan your visit to this ghat in the evening hours. Another major attraction in this place is the grand Ahilya Fort, which once served as the house of the Maharani. From te mandap terrace of the Fort you you can experience unhindered views of the River Narmada.


17. Omkareshwar (places of Indore near hill station)

places of Indore near hill station

An ancient Hindu shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva and comes under one of the 12 Jyotirlinga temples in India. On the Narmada River The island of Shivapuri houses the temple of Omkareshwar.

The temple becomes a center of activity during the time of Sawan (July – August) when devotees and pilgrims from almost all over the country comes and visit this place. Apart from its religious importance, the charming island itself is a reason for tourist to visit the temple.The most interesting part is this island is shaped like the Hindu religious symbol Om.


18. Hanumantiya Tapu (places of Indore near hill station)

places of Indore near hill station

Located in the backwaters of the Indira Sagar Dam, Hanumantiya Tapu is very popular as a  water tourism destination. This place offers you to do a full day enjoyment with your family and friends. After reaching there you can experience a variety of water sports including bird watching, boating, mammal sighting, and cruise rides. You can also get the taste of some delicious foods at the various restaurants located at this place.

Distance of Hanumantiya Tapu is approxmitely 137 kms for Indore.

Timing to visit this place : From 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, all days of the week


Conclusion: (places of Indore near hill station)

Whether you are a nature lover or just want to take a break from day to day life so so get relax and rejuvenate yourself or just have plan to explore beautiful Hill station near indore and places of Indore near hill station welcomes you and offers you a lot of variety from exploring the true beauty of nature or getting relax on falls surrounded by hills all these offers a mixture of beauty and culture which are enough to make one’s visit to these place are truly priceless.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about hill station near indore and places of Indore near hill station :

Which station is nearest to Ananthagiri?

A: Srikakulam is located 3 km away and it is the nearest station to Ananthagiri

What one can do in Mahabaleshwar?

A: One can enjoy swimming in the plunge pool of Lingmala falls, jungle trekking, boating in Venna Lake and hiking in Pratapgarh Fort.

How visit to Khandala from Mumbai?

A: If you plan to visit during monsoon, its is recommended one would prefer to drive through the lush green Ghats. Also 8 direct trains between Khandala and Mumbai are available.

Some of the  homestays in Pachmarhi?

A: Most known and popular homestays in Pachmarhi are Paradise Homestay, Bhagrath Homestay and  Rock End Manor.

How many days require to make a plan to visit Ananthagiri?

A: Well making plan for 2 to 3 days are enough to explore this beauty place..

What are the activities one can do in Pachmarhi?

A: After reaching this place One can enjoy ATV drive, Parasailing, Horse riding, caving at Pandava caves, and ziplining.

How can you reach Panchmari from Ujjain?

A: Take a train from Ujjain to Bhopal. Distance is 137 km away from Panchmari also you can book a private cabs from Bhopal to reach Panchmari.

Which airport is the nearest to Ujjain?

A: The nearest airport is in Indore for Ujjain and it is 50 km away.

Best time to visit those places of Indore near hill station?

A: That depends on your choice whether you want to enjoy the cold atmosphere at the hill statstion at the winter or want to explore the natural beauty of all those magictic waterfalls and lakes during monsoon. Some prefer to enjoy the winter season on those hill station and places and some make their plan to explore places of Indore near hill station during monsoon. So plan according to you choices. On our recommendation both of these are good enough for enjoyment and exploration.



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