10 Best massage chair in india in 2022

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Best massage chair in india in 2022

Having A high-quality Best massage chair india is one of the most effective way to relax your mind and body after a busy long day even without visiting a spa.

Investing in technology is a best choice to uplift our life to make it more advanced and when it comes to massage chair is an excellent and most relaxing way to de-stress and to relieve the extra strain due to hectic schedules.

Just Scroll down the very informative article to know more about the 10 best massage chairs in India in 2022 that can rejuvenate you with the perfect massage therapy.

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First of all Thank you so much for landing on this page where we have tried to give you some analysis and buyer’s guide along with our own experiences and reviews of 10 Best Massage chairs in India 2022 (electric massage chair price in india).

It is very known to all that massage chairs are luxury items with some unique features that are best for releasing all the stress after a hectic day or can rejuvenate the drained and tired body of your’s. After all what else can rival the satisfaction and comfort one gets after a full body massage.

Regular visits of spa or massage parlour or to search of full body massage centre near me can be a time consuming and an expensive affair.

Thus, after a deep research and testing, we have come up with the list of 10 Best Massage Chairs in India 2022 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide. Here you will get all the necessary information regarding massage chairs, their functionalities, features, ratings and ultimately that will definitely help you to choose to buy massage chair online.
Best massage chair in india in 2022

Types of massage chairs :

There are many kind of massage chairs that available in the market But Here we will only talk about those kinds of massage chairs that are actually works on your body that help to relief stress and are good in customer ratings.

Full body massage machine chair: These chairs are made to provide a full-body massage, from the neck to the toes. An advanced machines with multiple operating modes and settings with pre-programmed functions.

Ottoman body massage chair: These kind of massage chairs are similar to the regular chair in design and comes with a footstool that helps to relieve the strain in the muscle.

Zero gravity premium massage chair: These machines with its vertebrae are entirely relaxed the user’s body. They are perfectly balanced and it guarantees improved the blood circulation from your heart to the legs.

Massage recliner chair: These relax massage chair allow users to recline their bodies but it doesnt provide the same level of body support that zero gravity massage chairs has. These chairs are really helpful to watch television, and play video games.

Benefits Of Using A Massage Chair or full body massager machine chair :

Using a good quality massage chair provide you these following advantages.

Aesthetic design: These attractive and elegant massage chairs are not only comfortable to sit in, but they also have a very stylish look that make a perfect piece of furniture that highlight and complements your room’s decor.

Easy to install: These chairs are very easy to install and use. There isnno need to require pre-installation tools or user manual instructions for installation.

Enhances body posture: Sitting regularly in a massage sofa chair significantly improve your body posture. These chairs may also help the spine straight and relieve neck pressure that you can notice using after few days.

Blood circulation: electric massage chair z recliner chairs and gravity massage chairs, improves blood flow from the heart to the legs. This kind of equipment could reposition the bodyweight while providing necessary support.

10 Best massage chair in india in 2022

  1. HCI eRelaxic Zero Gravity Full Body Stretch

Best massage chair in india

HCI eRelaxic is the world’s only professional therapeutic massage chair with specific dedicated world’s best therapeutics researched programmes from America, Japan, Thai, Hongkong, Chinese, and India.
HCI eRelaxic has a dedicated uShape head massage to pamper your temple accurately to relieve your fatigue to lead a perfect effect.
HCI eRelaxic has a dedicated Calf rolling massage function to estimate the muscles of the calf part deeply”
HCI eRelaxic is based on a 4D technology with an longest SL Massage track of 145 cm to target from the head to toe with all squeezing, shiatsu, Rolling, kneading, Tapping, Reflexology, Sliding, & Hot stone etc.
HCI eRelaxic is known for its Thai-style foot scrap therapy massage with 3 rows of foot rollers to offer an artificial human sorape therapy massage from heel to the toes.

2. SSHI 4D7 PLUS Zero gravity robotic massage chair

Best massage chair in india

The 4D technology with zero gravity robotic massage chair with air pressure programs from head to toes. The chair’s armrest interlock with the backrest, and it also provides a convenient heating function.

It is fully adjustable and automatically detect the user’s shoulder for better service. The chair’s include both manual and automatic program modes

3. Lixo Massage Chair – LI7001, New Supreme Hybrid Massage Lounger with Artificial Intelligence System

Best massage chair in india

Lixo Massage Chair – LI7001, New Supreme Hybrid Massage Lounger with Artificial Intelligence System comes under the full-body recliner with having six roller systems that offer a deep and relaxing massage.

Deep tissue massage, massage in shoulder, massaging by pushing up the back are also available. with Dual-core double sensing systems it relief for the entire body.

It comes with so many automatic modes, including stress relief thai stretch, morning buzz, deep Shiatsu, and gentle care.

4. KosmoCare Shiatsu Massage chair for Stress Relief

Best massage chair in india

The KosmoCare Shiatsu in one of the best in the this list of best massage chair in india in 2022.

It is a high-quality full-body massage chair. Its unique five massage modes make it more flexible.

It has a pressure point detection function that scans the shoulder in real time and accurately pinpoints the strategic points.

To promote the blood circulation in foot and waist and provides gentle heating relief.

Apart from that it has other features like 24 leg-rest airbags and six-seat airbags with various modes.

5. Relife Candid Ultimate 3D Realtime Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair

Best massage chair in india

Intelligent mechanical massage hands continuing gather curve data on the back and imitate professional masseur massage skill to realize multidimensional and aspect stereo massage.

Intelligent massage hands imitate professional massagist method to do the following massage action: knead, squeeze, flap, press, push, hold, swing and twist.

The mechanical hands can do effective massage to human cervical vertebra thoracic vertebra and lumbar vertebra. Zero Gravity, Zero Wall

Zero gravity model means the legs and torso at 118 degrees elevation, the location of thighs and calves are above the heart.

The gravity of each body part will distribute average on the massage chair to make pressure on the body fully release.

Multiple Positions Massage -Innovative acupressure point’s sensor allows you to enjoy body massage in all parts of your body.

Super L Shape -Combined with human engineering and studied Super Long “SL” shape space curved rail technology.

Massage distance is 135cm, makes you enjoy a personal massage from head to the leg, helps to maintain the human vertebra “S” shaped curve, achieve relaxing the spine and relieve tense muscles.

Music Playback System: APP Controlled, Bluetooth Audio built-in 3D digital speaker on the massage chair.

6. INDOBEST 4D Massage Chair for electric massage chair price in india

Best massage chair in india

Indobest 4D Technology Automatic Body Scan to suit different height persons. It will scan your body and adjust the rollers to reach all areas of your body

Real Super Long S Track of 1450mm, Zero gravity Heavy Duty Chair.

Multiple Air Bags in all parts of the chair, Back massage, Calf Massage, Foot massage, Multiple Options for Head Massage

Bluetooth Music Play and Intensity Control, This massage chair can move the rollers along the track either up and down, or left and right as well as moving in and out of the massage chair (three dimensions), which can provide a deeper massage than other massage chairs

7. RoboTouch Zest Luxury Full Body Massage Chair with Voice Command

Best massage chair in india

Its a Premium Zero Gravity massage chair that comes under full body massager machine chair equipped with a set of Intelligent 3D mechanical massage hand. It automatically detect the position of the shoulder and human body curves and posture.

The footrest is equipped with automatic sensors that automatically adjust of different leg lengths. Calf Squeeze function improves blood circulation, relaxation of muscles and instant relief from pains. 7-Inch LED Touch Screen Remote USB Charging function on the Armrest.

8. Robotouch Echo Plus Full Body Massage Chair

Best massage chair in india

This product is designed with intelligent muted massage hands which can move up & down, with kneading & flap functions.

It is designed with shoulder position automatic detection & adjustment, it can automatically calculate acupuncture points according to different shoulder heights, to offer humanistic and scientific massager.

It is designed with 10 automatic modes: Dream mode, health recharging, vertical care, swing mode, full-body stretch, neck & shoulder, waist care, lady mode, worker mode, cybrarian mode.

Manual modes: available options for the massage position, massage mode, massage speed, width foot roller.

It is designed with waist heating function: adopts microfiber as the far-infrared source to accelerate blood circulation.

9. Robotouch Echo Pro Full Body Massage Chair

Best massage chair in india

This products comes under best massager chair price in india.

This product is designed with intelligent muted massage hands that can move up and down, can offer to knead and flap functions.

It is designed with 10 automatic modes: Dream mode, health recharging, vertical care, swing mode, full-body stretch, neck & shoulder, waist care, lady mode, worker mode, cybraian mode.

Airbag massage: full body airbag, upper body airbag (4 airbags in the upper arm, E airbags in hand and lower arm), lower body airbag (12 airbags), with 3 strength options.

Wireless Bluetooth music: designed with 3D digital audio in left and right upper armrests, helps users releasing stress by listening to music while enjoying massage.

It is designed with 3.5 inches TFT colorful remote control.

10. Irest Full body Massage Chair A-300

Best massage chair in india

This Products in falls under best full body massage chair in india

PILLOW PAD: Pillow pad Can Adjust Up And Down Freely BACK: 113 Cm lntelligent Massage Hands ARMREST: Convenient storage box , put your mobile or remote control HIP : Detachable Seat Cushion
FOOT: Magnetic Sole roller massage, The heel is fitted with a 300 CC permanent magnet,which stimulates the reflex points Of the hands and feet.

AIR PRESSURE MASSAGE: 20 pcs airbags for wholebody massage, air pressure intensity freely adjust, compaction, pause or relax mode for great feeling.

ZERO GRAVITY FLOAT FEELING: Using NASA technology, scientific design of massage position, release the pressure of wholebody, relax yourself.

Few Important tips Before you buy massage chair online

These are the few essential features you should consider before To Choose The Right Massage Chair.

Space: Decide the space, if your home has a large space area, an expandable recliner chair is a very good choice. Choose a small chair if you have a smaller space. So consider the available space when selecting a massage chair.

Height of chair: If you are of average height, or a person with avarage height choosing an average height massage chair would be very useful. If you are a tall person then choose a comfortable massage chair that suits your height.

Airbags: Airbag is a very important part of a massage chair Choose a product with airbags at armrests and backrests. It improves blood circulation while providing relief to body pains.

Bluetooth: Music therapy is regarded as one of the most effective and efficient way to relax the muscles and relief the stress. Try to Look for a chair with Bluetooth feature to help you relax.

Warranty: Warranty is very important. Massage chair with a warranty period has a higher level of reliability and safety. Try to Look for the products that comes with at least one year of warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions to buy best massage chair

Are massage chairs worth the money?

Yes, massage chairs are definitely worth the money. Even though they are little bit expensive but there is nothing expensive than your mental and physical health, the benefits and the functionalities they offer are really prices-less.

Be it relaxing the muscles after a stressful day or getting relief from back pain, massage chairs are extremely helpful to make your life easier and better.

Can you sit in a massage chair too long?

No, sitting in a massage chair for a long time is not good for the body. It can unnecessarily stress the central nervous system or some inflammation in the body tissues.

Hence, the best possible way to avoid these problems and still achieve complete relaxation is by taking small 15-minute to 20-minutes sessions based on your needs.

What should you not do after a massage?

Try to Hydrating after a massage by taking fluids like water, glucose drinks, etc which promote hydration. But doing the opposite , that is, consumption of caffeine or alcohol is something that you should not do take after a massage.

How often can I get a full body massage?

It totally depends from person to person. If you need a full body massage for the relaxation purposes, then two to three times a month would be a great choice. But, if you need massage for pain relief, that is a deep tissue massage, then it is recommended to use at least once a week.

Is it OK to take a bath after body massage?

Yes, there is no issue with that even it is totally fine to take a bath after a body massage. A warm bath or a shower after a massage can provide a wonderful feeling.

Which brand of massage chair is the best?

Lots of brands are out there in the market. Here we tried to minimize your effort by choosing the best quality products from all the best brands. So you can choose any products there is no issue with that.


After reading the 10 Best Massage Chairs In India in 2022, you might have the idea of what are the things to consider before to buy Massage Chair online.

To buy such important product, it is very necessary to know what are the types of massage chairs and which full body massager machine chair is suitable for your home.

After all, it’s all about your choice and preferences. Investing time to choose which is the best massage chair to buy is an important part and here in this article you can get some best products with its features that will definitely help you to choose the best massage chair for you.

If you have any query that is related to choosing the best massage chair for home, please drop your questions in the comment box below our experts will happy to help you.

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