Hill Station Near Varanasi: Top 11 Destinations to Visit february 26, 2024

Varanasi is known for its various cultural, historical, religious and spiritual significance but apart from this it also offers a variety of amazing natural beauty mainly for the nature lovers. It is located in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh where tourist can take a calm trip to the neighbouring hill stations, which provides a true break from the bustle of the city life.

Each site of these hill station near Varanasi offers a different experience, whether it’s the energetic adventures of Manali, colonial class of Shimla or the spiritual clarity of Rishikesh. These hill station near Varanasi have a lot to offer for its travellers. Here it will open its bucket with full of natural beauty, cultural legacy, and outdoor activities that fully justify the need of any adventure seekers or the one who is searching peace of mind.

However, Varanasi city is also bounded by several hill stations which offers breathtaking sights of the Himalayas and the nearby valleys.

hill station near Varanasi are not only well known for their natural beauty but also these hill stations have been popular destinations among tourist for centuries and have played very significant role in the history of this province.

Here you can get a wide range of activities like sightseeing, trekking, camping that makes it an ideal place for nature lovers and adventure seekers as well.


1. Mussoorie (hill station near Varanasi)

hill station near varanasi

Mussoorie is popular as the “Queen of the Hills,” amongst nature lovers. This Place is situated nearly 6561 feet above the sea level. Popular writers like Ruskin Bond and Bill Aitken reside in the Place.

Mussoorie is a very well-known destination for those who love the outdoors and adventure. Its calm atmosphere and variety of activities make it an ideal destination. During your stay at Mussoorie you can experience the beautiful views of Doon Valley and the Shivalik Ranges.

This colonial hill station near Varanasi offers you various luxury hotels, nice cafes, live markets, churches, and historic restaurants.

2. Nainital (hill station near varanasi)

hill station near varanasi

Many lakes surround Nainital. It is a Himalayan vacation town in the Kumaon area, and it is also close to Varanasi. This hill station near Varanasi provides amazing views of Nanda Devi, the tallest peak in Uttarakhand.

The number of lakes you can visit here are Sattal Lake, Khurpatal Lake, Naini Lake, Bhimtal Lake, Naini Lake, Sariyatal Lake, Naukuchiatal Lake, and Kamaltal Lake, allow you to experience the bliss of nature.

Here, you can experience relaxable trips by boat, stroll around the Mall, you can visit Tiffin Top and Snow View Point to get amazing views. This destination is popular for its quiet atmosphere and stunning scenery.

3. Mukteshwar (hill station near Varanasi)

hill station near varanasi

Mukteshwar is an attractive village and one of the best hill station near Varanasi. It is situated at a height of 7,122 feet above sea level. It is also about 50 miles away from Nainital.

Here, you can walk up to watch beautiful birds and engage in exciting activities like rappelling, paragliding, and camping.

Mukteshwar is an ideal destination for nature lovers who are looking for a relaxing break from their day-to-day busy lives.

4. Almora (hill station near varanasi)

hill station near varanasi

This destination is known for its rich history of culture, ancient structure, and the great view of the Himalayas. Ancient woods and falling trees surround Almora. You can get multiple shopping centers here where you can get Angora clothing and handicrafts.

Among these Lala Bazaar is very popular, which is 200 years old. You can also see some other places, including Kasar Devi Temple, Zero Point, and Deer Park.

For those who likes outdoor activities and want a have a peaceful vacation from the bustle of the city Almora could be an ideal destination.

5. Kausani (hill station near varanasi)

hill station near varanasi

Kausani can be the last destination if you’re looking for the most well-known hill stations near Varanasi. is a well-liked hill station. Specially for honeymooners and also for nature lovers Kausani is a very popular destination. It’s an amazing site to watch beautiful birds and to experience beautiful tea gardens.

With its luxurious places to stay Kausani offers beautiful views of the Himalayan peaks which includes Trishul, Nanda Devi, and Panchachuli.

Here you can relax in the middle of luscious tea gardens, and also plan to visit Anasakti Ashram. Surely, it’s a true hill station that justify its status by offering all the needs of a nature lover.

6. Lansdowne (hill station near Varanasi)

hill station near varanasi

Lansdowne is a perfect weekend holiday and a soul-satisfying hill station in Uttarakhand. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains, thick wooden forests, and blue pine trees that creates an amazing calm atmosphere which is enough to make a plan to visit this Place.

While at Lansdowne you can indulge yourself in various activities like camping, boating on Bhulla Lake, birdwatching and also can experience wildlife at Kalagarh Tiger Rese, this Place is ideal to spend time with your family or friends or even on your honeymoon as well.

To take full experience of this destination it is advised to plan your journey between October and January, when the temperature swings between 0 and 15°C.

7. Bhimtal (hill station near Varanasi)

hill station near varanasi

Bhimtal is named after Bhima, one of the five Pandav from the epic Mahabharata. It is a small lake city that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the nature very closely. Bhimtal Lake is well-known for its Aquarium Cafe, situated on a little island.

while enjoying in the lovely views of Bhimtal Lake here you can have a cup of coffee with some delicious snacks. Just a short drive from the Bhimtal are the nearby towns of Nainital and Sattal that one should definitely include on their travel trip.

This less visited sites in the Kumaon area offers the opportunity to go boating on the lake which is surrounded by monuments and just relax in the calm environment.

8. Binsar (hill station near varanasi)

hill station near varanasi

Binsar is around 7939 feet above sea level and is well situated in the Kumaon Region. The site offers wonderful views of the Himalayan peaks, including Nanda Devi, Trishul, Shivling, Panchachuli, and Chaukhamba.

During your visit to Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary which is surrounded by thick forest and rhododendron forests offer you the opportunity to watch a variety of animals, including leopards, porcupines, mountain goats, barking deer, wild boars and Himalayan palm civets.

This beautiful location provides chances for nature walks, touring historic places, and birdwatching. Travelers find Binsar as a wonderful escape for its peaceful atmosphere and natural beauty.

9. Champawat (hill station near varanasi)

hill station near varanasi

Champawat was the capital of the powerful Chand dynasty’s Kumaon kingdom and was situated at a level of around 5298 feet. This destination is also considered one of the best hill station near Varanasi is, which., Champawat is popular for its varied fauna, beautiful hiking paths, and historic monuments.

Visitors of all ages can enjoy various activities while at this place, including camping, hiking, and fantastic sightseeing opportunities.

For anyone who is looking for a quiet holiday in the middle of nature then this destination could be the perfect location because of its green forests, peaceful surroundings and attractive routes.

10. Pangot (the best hill station near varanasi)

hill station near varanasi

Pangot is situated at a height of 6,510 feet and it is a small village in the Kosiyakutoli tehsil of the Nainital district. This beautiful village is well-known for its extensive bird population and beautiful background.

It’s a perfect destination for Birdwatchers as they can watch species such as blue-winged minla and the slaty-backed forktail. Additionally, Nainital is simply nearby, only need a 45-minute drive.

Discover the surrounding environment, take in the peaceful atmosphere and see a variety of Himalayan bird species makes it an ideal tourist destination for its visitors. Pangot is a perfect retreat for the nature lovers and for animal lovers as well as it offers you the very calm surrounding and stunning beauty of nature.

11. Ranikhet (varanasi near hill station)

hill station near varanasi

Ranikhet is also a very popular hill stations close to Varanasi that also offer you evergreen surroundings and the great views of the green Himalayan hills. This land is covered with fruit trees and attractive natural beauty which attracts tourist from different parts of the country.

If you are a fan of history the you must visit The Kumaon Regimental Centre Museum, which is situated in Ranikhet. For those who loves adventure this gorgeous hill station offers paths to walk in beautiful nature and also mountain treks.

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Other Popular Tourist Attractions:

Varanasi is a well-known city for its rich cultural heritage. The location of the City also makes it an outstanding point to explore nearby hill stations and natural wonders. Here you can also visit  some of the tourist destination near Varanasi:

Triveni Sangam:

Triveni Sangam is the meeting point of three rivers – Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati. It is considered to be a very holy site by the Hindu religion, and it is believed that it is the place where drops of nectar fell during the churning of the ocean. People who visit this place take a dip in the river and offer prayers at the nearby temples.


Pithoragarh is well-known for its natural beauty and historical significance. In simple words you can say it’s a picturesque hill station near Varanasi. It is also believed this is the place where the Pandavas from the Mahabharata spent their exile.


It is a popular Hindu religious site near Varanasi. This location is popular for being the shrine for the goddess Vindhyavasini.

Other popular tourist places you can visit near Varanasi includes  the Khusro Bagh, Allahabad Fort, Chunar Fort, and Deer Park. You can also explore the nearby cities of Sonbhadra and Mirzapur, which are popular for their historical significance and natural beauty.

Best Time to Visit:

It is important to choose the right time to visit the hill station near Varanasi as it is located in the northern part of India which gives the experiences of extreme weather conditions. Winter season the best time to visit these hill stations, that lasts from October to March. During this period, you can experience pleasant weather and the temperature ranges between 5°C to 25°C.

from April to June is the summer season and this time is not an ideal to visit these hill stations as this time you can find temperature goes up to 45°C. Now if you plan to visit these place during this time, then it is adviced to carry sunscreen and light cotton clothes.

Monsoon season, which is lasts from July to September, is also not a appropriate time to visit as during this period you may experiences heavy rainfall, which leads to landslides and roadblocks. However, if you are planning during this season then it is advisable you must carry raincoats and umbrellas.

To find it easier for you to understand, here is a table that explains the best season and time to visit the hill station near Varanasi :




Ideal For



5°C to 25°C


Adventure activities



25°C to 45°C

Nature walks




25°C to 35°C



Travel Tips To Visit Hill Station Near Varanasi:

When you are planning a trip to the hill station near Varanasi, it is important to keep some travel precautions in mind to ensure a enjoyable and safe journey. These are the few important tips you could consider before you plan to visit these places.

Clothing and Accessories:

It is essential to pack appropriate cloths and accessories based on the season you are visiting. During the winter season, temperatures drops significantly, so it is very necessary to carry warm clothing like jackets, gloves, and other necessary accessories based on your needs. During your visit in summer, lightweight and comfortable clothing is recommended. It is also advised to carry comfortable shoes and sunscreen.

Health and Safety:

When you are traveling to any hill stations, it is essential to take necessary precautions to avoid any sort of sickness. It is advised to stay always hydrated, try to avoid alcohol and smoking, and take necessary rest breaks based on your needs. It is also important to carry first aid and necessary medications. Also it is advised to follow safety guidelines.


Hiring taxi or private car is a convenient option, but all these could be little bit expensive. Public transportation like train and buses are definitely affordable but may not be that comfortable, so choose based on your choice and requirements. Do proper research and planning in advance to avoid any last-minute hassles.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the most popular hill stations near Varanasi?

Some of the most popular and well-known hill station near Varanasi are Mussoorie, Nainital, Lansdowne, Chakrata and Bhimtal. These destinations are well-known for their pleasant climate, scenic beauty and peaceful atmosphere.

Which hill area is near to Prayagraj?

A: Nainital is the nearest hill station to Prayagraj, located at a distance of 400 km approxmitely. Nainital is a well-known and one of the most popular hill station I india and it is known for its adventure activities like boating, trekking and camping, scenic beauty and pleasant climate

What are some hill stations in central India?

A: Here are the some of popular hill stations in central India are Mahabaleshwar, Pachmarhi, Khandala, Lonavala and Matheran. These hill stations are very popular amongst tourist for their pleasant climate, scenic beauty and adventure activities like camping, trekking and most importantly rock climbing.

Which hill station is closest to Varanasi?

A: Chakrata is the closest hill station to Varanasi, located at a distance of 250 km approxmitely. Chakrata is a vety beautiful hill station and also very popular for its lush green forests, serene surroundings and stunning waterfalls.

What is the nearest hill station to Banaras?

A: Chakrata is the nearest hill station to Banaras, located at a distance of 250 km approximately. Chakrata is a attractive hill station recognized for its serene surroundings, lush green forests, and stunning waterfalls.a

Which hill station close to Varanasi has the nicest views?

A: If you are looking to visit any hill station near Varanasi that has the beautiful scenery then Mussoorie could be a great choice because it offers amazing view of the Himalayas with calm and pleasant environment.

Are there any lesser-known hill stations close to Varanasi but still worthwhile?

A: Answer is Yes, here are some lesser-known hill station near Varanasi that includes Pangot, Mukteshwar, and Bhimtal that provide scenic views, birdwatching, peace and chances for outdoor recreation. Actually, these are not lesser-known for the locals or nearby states but if you are travelling from different parts of the county then probably these places could be new for you.

Conclusion (Hill Station Near Varanasi)

The Conclusion of the hill stations around Varanasi provides a wide variety of experiences that you will love to recall all the time, going to the busy markets of Nainital from the quiet woodlands of Pangot. Taking in wide views from Binsar to discovering ancient structures in Champawat or engaging in exciting activities in Mukteshwar—each and every sites offers a superior combination of peace, cultural legacy and natural beauty.

These hill stations truly provide life-changing experiences. Combination of so many things makes these places the perfect vacations spot for tourists who are looking for true comfort in the valley of the incredible Himalayas. These destinations creates a never ending impression on the heart of every visitor with their stunning views and peaceful environment.

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