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How to Use 777 Manifestation Technique Powerful Law of Attraction Method

What is an affirmation?

777 Manifestation Technique, Practice of self-empowerment and positive thinking is called an An affirmation

“I have a healthy body and perfect weight”

“I have a very good and healthy relationship with everyone in my life”

How do I use these affirmations as 777 mafifestation technique?

What is 777 Manifestation?

The 777 manifestation technique is one of the most powerful law of attraction technique where you will write an affirmation for 7 times in the morning and 7 times in the evening for consecutive 7 days your desired outcome will manifest

Napoleon Hill first introduced This technique in his book The Law of Success back in 1937

This technique is a law of attraction writing exercise method where the power of affirmations is used to help you deeply focus your attention and energy on a specific intention or idea which you want to manifest.

There are so many similar techniques like the 333 technique or the 55×5 technique which we discussed on the other articles on this site this 777 manifestation technique is designed to focus on particular time frame and to create a system.

To get the fast success and very positive results and to make it more effective it is advised to do it consistently. To manifest any particular thing or wish you need to fully focus on your energy and the attention consistently.

It offers a methodology for achieving your affirmation.

Deep focus on your attention and energy is all that is actually required to manifest anything in your life.

If you ask that whether only 7 days are enough to manifest your any dreams? Here answer would be Probably not but that technique will definitely help to achieve your dreams in very few days.

It might be within 7 days or a month but if you do focus fully and do maintain each and every step then be sure it will work as it worked for many it will work for you be sure.

manifestation technique

How To Do The 777 Manifestation Technique or how long does it take for manifestation to work

There are different ways to manifest on paper but here  The 7x7x7 technique or the 777 manifestation technique based on the idea of setting a 7 day program. In this program you will repeat one affirmation for 7 times in the morning and 7 times in the evening. Another technique is there its 5 x 55 manifesting but here we will only focus on 777 manifestation technique its easy o use and effective as well.

Here you will Write an affirmation for a specific wish or goal that you want to manifest – Each day, you will write the same affirmation for 7 times before you are going to sleep.

In the law of attraction we know that we manifest that require our energy and attention.

The problem or struggle that most of the people face is that one set an intention or wish after that they get excited but after a few days the excitement starts fading out and lose the same focus that was there in the starting days.

A good and deep level of focus is required to manifest anything under any technique. The more focus one gives the more and fast result one will experience.

Let’s first look at the technique itself and then go deeper to help you understand more of why this works.

The 7 x 7 x 7 Manifestation Technique:

Step #1: First think and decide what Exactly You Want To Manifest

The most important step in any kind of manifestation is to clear the mind about what you want exactly.

To see the best result in 777 manifestation method, you need specific want that you want to manifest.

It might take some time to decide it could take a day, a few days or even a week to clarify your vision of exactly what you want to manifest by this 777 manifestation technique.

For this first result it is recommend to pic a small or ‘mid level’of manifestation. It is quite no possible for anyone to manifest a million dollars in just 7 days.

Step #2: Create Affirmations For the Intention

Once you have decided and finalize what exactly you want to manifest and you are very much clear the result you want,now its time to create an affirmation for your intention.

The affirmation will be the basis which your entire 777 technique will revolve.

Your affirmation should to clear, specific, positive and it should be stated in the present tense – it should be like you already got the desired outcome.

Here’s an example:

I Peter now joyfully accept the job offer letter from XYZ & co. as their new head of marketing.
I and Merry are now happily enjoying the cocktail on our first date

Step #3:Fix for 7 Consecutive Days

The 777 manifestation technique runs for 7 days in consecutive manner. So it it important to fix the timing 7 days when you will be at home (or in the same place) where you can comfortably repeat the exact same routine for 7 days.

It is very important and highly recommended because skipping or interrupted routine break the rhythm and focus.
It is very important for your to maintain your full commitment, dedication and focus.

Step #4: Writing Your Affirmations for 7 Times in The Morning and same as in The Evening

Once you have decided the days and place when you would like to start this 777 manifestation technique then now its time for you to start here you will write your desired affirmations for 7 times in the morning and then again 7 times in the evening.

It will not take a lot of time but be slow and comfortable whicle you practice such, here the required things are daily commitment, dedication and you full energy towards what you really want that makes all the difference.

Most of the people actually do like what they really want is an idea that floats around in their minds.

By writing down your affirmation, you direct your mind and focus entirely on a singular idea.

This writing will engages you in a way that prevents your mind from distracting and you only focus entirely on what you want to manifest.

When you write the affirmations,it is recommended to number them and make it sure you do it 7 times.

I peter now joyfully accept the job offer letter from XYZ & Co. as their new head of marketing.

peter, you are now the new head of marketing for XYZ & Co. Well done!

I Peter am so hapy and grateful to be the new head of marketing for XYZ & Co.

The important part is you just not write and repeat the same thing but to actuly you engage and deeply feel what you are writing.

Does the affirmation excite you and make you excited to SEE yourself with the wanted results

If it doesn’t then there is a need to revisit step #1 or rewrite your affirmation.

How To Make The 777 Manifestation Technique Work Better

The only purpose of these 7 days of writing your affirmations for 7 times is not to have your ultimate big dream manifested in just 7 days.

That would be little bit unrealistic.

Here the main purpose is to do this 777 manifestation technique is to direct your focus and mind on a daily basis yes it doesn’t mean you will not see any results be sure you will.

But to achieve what ever you want or to manifest very big goals takes time so by doing this you have trained your mind, focus and energy to work together.

Now if you want little bit instant result after doing this 777

fast manifestation techniques

You can do few thing ( Few extra effort) on fast manifestation methods and by doing so i am confident enough and can say that you will get some fast results.

To achieve fast results there are so many things out there but to get actual results you have to put some extra effort by ureself.

1. Believe the process :

See to achieve any dreams to achieve anything first you have to believe that from heart. Here also before you start the process and during the technique you have to believe the entire process. Strongly you have to believe that the technique you are applying will surely give you the altimate outcomes.

By doing so you command your mind to focus fully and by doing so you sent this this that yes you are preparing yourself to get the desired results and be sure it works. Those who get fast they use this technique.

2. Don’t Judge the process :

After you start believing the process don’t indulge your mind to judge, are you getting the result , when you will start seeing the results etc. It is because by doing so you may loose your focus and that they delay the process.

3. One simple fast effective way

Here i will share one experience of a client of mine. His name is Alex. Its is not like that he tried this process for the first time he was a regular practicer of this technique but to find out what manifestation method works best or manifestation methods that work fast was always in his mind he was always searching for how to make manifestation work faster so what he did is one day he mixed to technique at a time and he was surprised to see the outcomes.

It was just outstanding just after applying this method he stated getting positive vibration and soon his desired affirmation becomes successful. That affirmation was not that very big like becoming a billionaire or millionaire in few days but that was not even a small affirmation as well.

After that he applied this technique for many time and he got the same outcomes

What he did is he just mixed that method with this 7777 manifestation technique.

Click Here to check that method.

SO if you really want to know How to manifest anything that you want and want to see fast results of your manifestation i recommend you must check this but you have to follow this 777 manifestation technique along with this method for fast results.

Conclusion :

777 manifestation technique or 777 method law of attraction is a very popular technique and many people have applied this to fulfill their manifestation yes it would take some time but to get the fast results we have also recommended you the process by adding tow methods to make a more effective and energetic technique so try to follow the steps to complete the 77×7 , 777 manifestation technique or 777 law of attraction and do the second method along with this dot think its hard its a easy manifestation methods.

Thank You for reading this article please share your experience.

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